How our a-pro Frisco home inspectors protect buyers

A-Pro Frisco Home Inspectors Protect Buyers…


Hiring top Frisco Home Inspectors can translate into ENORMOUS savings.  To start with, be sure the Frisco Home Inspectors are licensed with the State of Texas and is CHI certified. “CHI®” certified home inspectors are required to provide a 500-point inspection, which is much more comprehensive than the minimum standards required by the State of Texas. These highly trained CHI board certified home inspectors can identify ever so slight defects that are not visible to home buyers.


At A-Pro, we also encourage buyers to accompany our Frisco Home Inspectors because learning more about the home is a great educational opportunity. Our CHI certified home inspector will be sure that you€™re not blind-sided by defects hard to identify without a trained eye.


7  reasons to choose A-Pro “CHI®” Certified Frisco Home Inspectors:


CHI, PHI, ASHI and ISHI Certified home inspectors We’re CHI®, PHI®, & ITI® Board Certified. The highest certifications in the industry!
500-point inspections cover everything from the foundation to the rooftop Comprehensive 500-point inspections cover everything from the foundation to the rooftop!
A-Pro inspection reports are easy to read and understand Stunning easy to read and understand client reports. Delivered in 24 hours.
No Further Evaluation Guarantee “No Further Evaluation Guarantee” ensures no follow-up inspections will be needed. Our A-Pro Frisco Home Inspectors can tell you if a problem exist or not. They will not pass the buck.
If We Pass It, We Protect It Guarantee A-Pro Frisco Home Inspectors provide you with a FREE 120-day “If We don’t report it, we repair it” Guarantee (we’re accountable for oversights!)
FREE Foundation Survey A-Pro Frisco Home Inspectors provide you with a FREE Foundation Level Survey (a $150 value) with every full inspection.
Our home inspections point out what is good and bad about your property A-Pro Frisco Home Inspectors reports feature positive and negative aspects of a home to give an accurate picture.


Buyers Beware? Not with A-Pro “CHI®” certified Frisco home inspectors!

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Public Confidence

You gain public trust and confidence through the BBB’s efforts in helping the public recognize that legitimate firms care about and are doing something to maintain their trust. The BBBs job is to make sure every dollar spent in the marketplace is spent with legitimate businesses. Click the BBB logo below to find out more about A-Pro Frisco Home Inspectors.

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 In short, there’s no better value, no greater peace-of-mind, than with A-Pro Frisco Home Inspectors.




In every aspect of the home inspection process, via thoroughness, follow-through, communication, and guarantees, A-Pro Frisco home inspectors outperforms the competitors.


Don’t Buy a Home Without Us®


  • Be Smart.


  • Be Protected.


Call now and have A-Pro® inspect it! 




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