Frisco Home InspectorsReplacing a roof ranks at the top of home upgrades when it comes to out-of-pocket costs. Based on a number of factors (difficulty of the job, material, size, pitch, and what area of the country you live), a new roof may run you well north of $10,000. While not as costly, surprise roofing repairs can also cause headaches and unforeseen expenses that can derail a family’s tight budget. Plus, even a small but undetected leak can lead to a number of problems over time, from mold in the attic to rotting framework.

If you believe you’ve found the right home, make sure to have a professional home inspector provide a visual inspection of the entire roof system to check on its condition before closing.

Home Inspection FriscoA certified home inspector, like those at A-Pro Home Inspection Service, will provide an assessment of the roof, including an examination of flashing and penetrations; the age, condition and type of roofing material; installation defects; the roof’s life expectancy; and advice on how to keep the roof in the best shape possible. When actually getting on the roof is not possible (due to weather, safety concerns, or if walking on it could cause damage), drones equipped with video cameras have become a viable alternative to obtain an up-close view of roofing materials and problems.

Other components of the roof system that will be checked include visible framing in the attic, sheathing, soffit and fascia boards, roof ventilation, skylights, attic insulation, gutters, and downspouts. The roofs of carports and attached garages will also be inspected.

A-Pro home inspectors have observed thousands of roofs. Here are a few of the many problems an inspector may report on:

Home Inspectors in FriscoFlashing Problems: Flashing is a sheet metal installation designed to create a water-resistant barrier between the chimney and roof. Flashing is also necessary around vents, pipes, valleys, and HVAC mounts. When poorly installed or failing for other reasons, the result can be severe leaking and costly damage. Flashing constructed from tin-coated or galvanized steel is prone to rust. Roof/chimney movement, animal activity, harsh weather, or installation which was not performed with necessary precision can all lead to cracked, open, or loose flashing. The home inspector will assess whether all pieces of a two-part flashing system are in place: the base flashing and counterflashing, which overlaps but is not attached to the base material.

The home inspector will note dubious use of flashing substitutes, such as caulking or roof cement, which can crack due to heat exposure. Among other checks, your home inspector will see if the top of cap flashing is correctly set, as well as examine side base flashings. Any harder-to-see issues as well as obvious problems, such as loose material and gaps, will be recorded in the home inspection report.

Home Inspectors in FriscoValleys Between Roof Slopes: This situation can allow debris to wedge under shingles, leading to water penetration and possible roof leakage.

Home Inspectors in FriscoAsphalt Shingle Wear: Your home inspector will note signs of wear that may indicate shingles are nearing the end of their useful life. These include lost surface granules, raised edges curling downward, cracking, raised edges in the center of the shingle, and a concave appearance is known as “cupping.”

Home Inspectors in FriscoOther Defects: The inspector will note the presence of framing nails sticking out of the roof’s surface and other installation faults, loose shingles, missing shingles, damage to shingle substrate due to flashing failure, inadequate venting, tree limbs overhanging or touching the roof, and hail damage.

Frisco home inspectors near meA roof inspection is just one part of an A-Pro 500-point home inspection. To schedule a home inspection near me, call 469-213-8483 or visit the link below.

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